The joint Ministry of Education and Brighton Education Group "Fellows" project (in Malaysian IPGs) finished in September 2013. There was going to be a second phase starting in January 2014, and then March, and then ... it just never happened. 
We (Peter and I) stayed in Malaysia, working in the TELL2 project (Teaching English Language and Literacy) project, also a joint MoE and BEG project. We each mentored teachers in 5 schools in the Terrenganu/Setiu/Marang districts.
We left in July 2014, and returned to Australia. 
In 2015 we were accepted for the ProELT project, working online with Malaysian teachers. I thought that I could continue the "Stories for Malaysian Kids" through this. It was due to start in September, then November, then January 2016. In the end that project was also dropped.

So there is no longer a "Stories for Malaysian Kids" project. The kids still need stories. It would really help them! 

I can't be there to be involved. But if you do want to correspond and share ideas then feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.
I have started working on some stories about a little girl called Sumi. At this stage I am mostly experimenting with the illustrations. The first stories are on the Little Sumi Stories pa
This is a story for young Malaysian kids (little kids). It was written in order to then be adapted into a play. Here we have the book as well as the pictures to create your own big book.
Very similar to the other storytelling course - slightly different format. This is for a Children's Lit elective class.Find the manuals tacked on to the Storytelling page under Theatrical Storytelling.
If you can write stories, it's likely that you are a keen storyteller too. When you write a story for kids to read, maybe telling them the story as well - or at least part of it! - can spark their interest and also help with some potential vocabulary problems.

The STORYTELLING course is about standing up and telling a story in an exciting and engaging way.
Look for the new 18-hour (9 X 2-hour sessions) writing course which puts together all the other material on the site.
It is designed to be workshop sessions with a facilitator and participants working together. Each session has a Trainer's Manual and Participant's Notes.
The story I wrote using the elements of the Story Plan Form (on the Writing Better Stories page) is now available. It is about two of the year 6 girls in the Teaching School, but the illustrations are only from Google Images (and therefore impersonal). You can find the story here and here, and you can print it as a booklet following the instructions here.
On the Writing Better Stories page I have added a Story Plan Form that can be worked through to get those vague ideas crystallized into a workable story. I have tried using it personally, and found it very helpful. I will also add a example of a form as I used it and the story I created.
"Something in the Dark" is a story about some 12-year old children who face up to their fears of going out to the toilet in the dark at night.
The story was created as part of my preparation for the Pecha Kucha Competition workshop at IPGKDRI. (Click on the link to read about the competition on the Kuala Terengganu Fellows' website.)

Read the story on line here, or download and print it.
Presentation materials are now available on the Stories website.

Here is
(Click on the links here, or go to the Presentation Page.)

    Ruth Wickham

    I have always loved writing and illustrating stories - firstly for my siblings, then for my children, and more recently for my grandchildren.

    This blog is to keep people up-to-date with the progress of this project to write some stories specifically for Malaysian kids.

    I am delighted to have the assistance of my colleague Azlinda bt Abd Aziz.


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